Social Media: Fastest way to reach Clients

The era of traditional marketing is taking a narrow road nowadays due to the world moving towards digital marketing which is in turn taking the broader road. As we all know, broader the way faster are the chances of moving. Hence the ultimate goal of this article is to create awareness about digital marketing especially social media.

As discussed above the main focus of this article is towards social media in the sense Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram and many more similar services. User’s pick the account of their choice according to their interest in respective social media. But the ultimate goal is to be in touch with people having similar interests, professions etc. The more connections you make, wider becomes your network and people may become aware of your skills and professions.

So let us concentrate on article topic that is how this social media’s can help you reach your clients. As per analysis from, Facebook with 1,317 billion monthly active users, is the dominant social network in 130 out of 137 countries analyzed. It has 410 million users in Asia (+42 million since last December), 292 million in Europe, 204 million in USA & Canada, 362 million in other countries. Hence having active presence on Facebook may help you reach one who is indeed searching you. Active presence here can be described as a professional presentation and marketing through Facebook. Facebook provides various marketing campaigns like page like, offers, app promotions, event promotions, impressions and many more according to requirement of client’s. This campaigns can be run by any individual and does not require any special force to run them. But, what happens is, many people are not aware of exact expenditure on this campaigns. So this may lead to failure of their campaigns. My suggestion in this case would be hiring a professional digital marketing company that can run this campaign in cost effective manner helping the client get more business in less funds. But also comes the scenario of choosing a suitable digital marketing company to hire for this services. Proper market survey and good profile company can become an option.

Facebook is more concentrated in this article as it has more number of active user’s currently. But this does not prove that other social media’s are less effective. Each one have their own specialty and features that cannot be compared with others. The other social media’s and their campaigns will be discussed in my next article. So currently I am ending up with Facebook concluding that for a better tomorrow start today as we all know the impact of social media’s on today’s world and with these future can be predicted.