Smart Keywords Selection: The first Step towards SEO Success

Search engine optimization is a process for increasing visibility of a website on search engine. SEO can be defined in number of ways but the ultimate motive is same. But the question arises of from where to start, or what are the relevant steps that may lead one to quick results. SEO can be made a result oriented procedure by putting the necessary things in right place.

The Key point or step in search engine optimization is Keyword Selection. Here arises big confusion of what to select that may lead to maximum exposure or clicks and increase visibility. For time being let’s start with local area first. As we know any company grows locally first and then overseas depending on its growth rate. Hence targeting keywords which are on local count and having less competition may be helpful. This can be tracked through Google AdWords where proper category selection may show relevant results. So here we start with selecting keywords on local count, less bid/competition and high searches. The next thing is to target regional keywords after getting done with local keywords.

Regional keywords: Some keywords are more famous in a particular region while other somewhere else. This should count in SEO Success as region wise business implementation leads to higher growth rate like suburban and urban areas have higher growth rates. So targeting keywords for these regions initially may capture different regions as per marketing prospective.

National Keywords: These are somewhat broad keywords as compared to local keywords. Hence they also take more time to appear on search engine as competition is also high on national level. Here a trick can be implemented of choosing a low competition keyword initially and then switching towards higher competition keyword. The fact being, just getting noticed by google and then working off page extensively. The keywords under this section are mainly target search engines according to nationality like “.us, .au, .in” etc. therefore these keywords reflect in their relevant search engine first.

Global Keywords: Now some might think that their business is overseas and expands in different parts of the world. So how can Search engine optimization prove helpful to them? The answer is simple. We get to know globally searched keywords also through AdWords. So finding the right keyword for right place can prove helpful. But the fact is these keywords are densely used and hence highly competitive. So they take more time to appear on search engine. So my suggestion would be, firstly go for local then national and after a good ranking on them go for global keywords. This appears like a hierarchical process and sounds a bit complicated.

All the above can be made simple by just hiring a Digital marketing company which can smoothly blend this processes for your business. But comes with this is their costly package which might sound thinkable for some. The costing varies nation wise but the key factor is results. As we say one pays for quality and not quantity, therefore think of marketing results then for investment. Hence finding relevant online Ad agencies will help saving funds and get quality results. Offline marketing may also prove essential as the product or services vary and according to their nature. But in case of cost comparison also, online marketing has always been superior to offline marketing. The thing is that most of us are not aware of these services and the view towards online is not that much broad. For time being we will concentrate on online marketing as per this article. So be smart and take decisions.