Graphic design’s: An oldest way still new…

From past centuries when the actual give and take started between human being’s, there always was a competition to sell our own product more in order to gain more. People use to acquire different ways to capture the market which is still an ongoing process.

As it is wisely said that “Nothing changes with time, it is just you change the way you see things”. This, if seen from marketing perspective we can conclude that – Marketing has remained same, the only thing is it is becoming digital now. The digital importance of graphics will be elaborated later on.

So as per above in olden days people use to create banners of products and their prizes. Later on it took shape of exciting features and designs according to customer review. This led to new ideas sprout and then came people who tried to customize this designs and make money out of it which we call them as graphics designers in today’s world. Initially people started doing this as their part time job but later on seeing the booming market response they inculcated this as their core service.

As time passed on their become perfectionist and renowned people in this field who were well known for their design’s. They started institutes training people and making them good designers. After the 90’s most of the things started becoming digitized. This was mainly due to the WWW protocol that made life much easy. Hence people started doing their marketing online and gained more business than traditional marketing in less cost. But then there also aroused competition in marketing online. Therefore everyone realized the importance of an attractive graphic design. Here I would recall the phrase written in first para that only time has changed, not marketing. Attractive banners designs became need of time. People started hiring online advertising companies that provided them with quality graphics design. Also along with quality work many they provided exciting offers to run their business. This ultimately resulted in choosing of poor graphics design which led to desirable outcomes. Choosing right designers according to one’s need will prove as a smart decision. A good digital marketing company would rather consultant their client for choosing designs but reciprocally they are into making more business. So the conclusion here is to make a smart choice on behalf of one’s market by self-analysis.

Graphic design’s nowadays are going beyond one’s imagination. It has touched a wide horizon of thinking through the 3D, 4D, 5D and now 6D. Higher resolutions screen and software’s has enabled one to design beyond scope. But this also led to increase in cost. So try and invest on design’s those may help you get your cup of tea. In the next article I will expose more on digital world.