Digital Branding: An Essential need of hour

Branding can be explained as the process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers’ mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers. There always has been a tradeoff in Traditional and Online Branding. Both has their pros and cons. Hence this article mainly focuses on Branding on Online platform as it is an essential need of the hour.

Online Branding can be think of as advertising through various internet mediums like Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, G+, Pinterest and many more which we refer to as social media’s. Though all come under single category, they are much different or rather each has its own way of interaction. Therefore the main point arises here is how to get business through this interactive media’s. The answer is technical word “Calculations”. Though it sounds abstract but yes, doing smart calculations may result in quick advertisement of a Brand through social media.

Let’s start with the world famous social mediator that is Facebook. Now as we all know that the number of Facebook user’s in comparatively more than other social media’s. Hence concentrating on Facebook can help us get more exposure in less resources. Branding on Facebook can be done in 3 types, especially for banner’s excluding offers and apps. Firstly the page boost option or banner boost. By setting reasonable bid one can boost their banners to number of user’s. Facebook provides these boost in three categories, namely Likes, Impressions and Clicks. Likes to page are those crowd who genuinely like your product/service or other things reflected in your banner and likely you’re Brand. But the question arises of what parameters to be considered while setting this bid. Bidding part being more important hence needs to be divided equally in Likes, impressions and clicks. The main advantage of these type of campaigns is the number of Likes gets multiplied as eventually it reaches a considerable amount. Hence the next time you post new banner it reflects the people who have already liked your page and hence those likes are of nil cost. Therefore Facebook can be concluded as a medium of mass reach.

Next comes the second largest Social media that is Twitter. The fact about twitter is that no display ads are run but a sentence of company matters. Hence twitter can be quoted as a worldly branding media which too can prove effective. There are also personalized ads run by twitter but then they are costlier as compared to other social media. For time being we will consider only those ads that are more effective in less cost.

Similar media’s are Instagram, Pinterest and Linked-in where banner ads can be run in optimal investment but then each has its own pros and cons. As detailed earlier the main question arises about where to investment money? How much to invest? What is the estimated reach and most importantly what can be the probability of Branding percentage among masses. The answer can be made simple by just handing over the campaigns to a Digital marketing company or applying your own strategies. So my in my next article I will make sure the stances over outsourcing and personalized marketing for Branding.