2017: Era of Online Marketing

In order to have reach globally it is an essential to mark presence on internet. This presence should also be universally understood and acceptable. Website building can be considered as the base of this presence. There are also many other digital ways that can represent you on internet. The main motive behind this digital existence can be marketing. This source of marketing through digital world is called online Marketing. In short the efforts taken through web to present new or existing products or services is referred to as online marketing. Online or internet marketing may also take many different definition’s according to one’s thinking.
From the past few decades internet has always brought into existence many new things perhaps it has become one of the prime source of income for many giant organizations. These organizations continuously explored new ways on net which reciprocally led to new business for others. According to analysis from entrepreneur.com more than 40 percent of the world’s population is now online. As that number grows exponentially, so do the success metrics for consumer startups. Investor Chris Dixon famously blogged that “10 million is the new one million” when it comes to user numbers. These figure will go on increasing in folds of times as per analysis from last decade.

The number of user’s goes on increasing is directly proportional to number of searches on internet. Hence here comes the concept of search engines. There are many search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AltaVista, MSN search, AOL search etc. These give ranking based on their indexing parameter. Advertising on this search engine may count very useful as most of the time unnecessarily ads many people use these type of services. Google is rated as one of the top most search engine so far. So advertising on google of your business can bring your number of customer’s. But the fact being it promotes only quality ads called through AdWords. Many digital marketing companies are engaged into advertising this but charge bulk amount of money for this.

Another relevant online advertisement platform is social media. According to analysis around 80% of online users are engaged in social media’s like Facebook, Linked.in, G+, Pinterest, Twitter and many more. Therefore running advertisement campaigns on this media’s helps in marketing and branding. Also they are quiet cheap than traditional marketing campaigns if the count of reach is to be considered.

Proper funds management is very important in case of marketing as its returns are to be considered. Hence sometimes online advertisement companies may prove to be beneficial but then risk of spending more funds may arise. In my next article I shall submit more about online marketing, its pros and cons.Till than be smart and spend safe.