Want to Increase Business – Advertise!

Becoming A millionaire, making business successful, getting fan followers and many other are the fantasies of every entrepreneur. All of them have that potential but very few make it to the top. There is an old saying that “There is always room at the Top”, then why can’t all make it to their destiny is the biggest riddle here?

Every entrepreneur always has a wish list which he or she has made following someone successful or an ideology of their own. They build their shop, products, services, companies, nice and well with all good qualities and humbly wait for customers to reach them. Now here comes the main focus of our article that is sales. Sales are the utmost important thing for any business just like water for living. Without sales nobody can grow apart from NGO’s which is not our niche to talk about but for those who have a million dollar dream.

So how to increase sales? There are many perspectives which count on increase In sales but the most important parameter that counts would be marketing. Marketing is nothing but planning advertisement strategies for increasing visitors or client to approach your brand. Marketing includes different types of platforms or ways and one of them being most trending is Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing has taken a broader scope after the introduction of some of the most used platforms like Faebook, twitter, linked-in, google adwords, youtube etc. More and more people starting interacting with each other on this mediums and starting making their business global. There is a in depth focus on Digital Marketing services in my other article named “The Era of digital Marketing”. Hope you had or will have a look on it.

Many Ceo, CTO, COO, founders or in short the person in charge for growth of company either follows someone who is already successful or gets pampered by traditional marketing ways as done by their forefathers. Speaking frankly those who are really not on to Digital platforms will very soon feel the lag in the competition of staying ahead as the year 2019 gives maximum Figure of leads or business coming through digital marketing.

As per case studies, amazon being the world’s largest company grew completely online and became beast in E-commerce on the base of Digital Marketing. Housing.com spent multimillion dollar’s on digital marketing to become no.1 residential portal and many such examples to be given. In short Advertise-Advertise-and-advertise the best you can. There are examples of business out there that have spent 98% of their business revenue on advertising. Advertise in manner that will add value to your Business. If you’re feeling that you’re not on right path or need guidance after reading this article you can always search for “Promozie Media Solutions” or search us on social with this name and we will help you out planning marketing strategies to increase your sales. Act fast and smart, you still have lot of time. Good luck until next article.

Social Media: Fastest way to reach Clients

The era of traditional marketing is taking a narrow road nowadays due to the world moving towards digital marketing which is in turn taking the broader road. As we all know, broader the way faster are the chances of moving. Hence the ultimate goal of this article is to create awareness about digital marketing especially social media.

As discussed above the main focus of this article is towards social media in the sense Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram and many more similar services. User’s pick the account of their choice according to their interest in respective social media. But the ultimate goal is to be in touch with people having similar interests, professions etc. The more connections you make, wider becomes your network and people may become aware of your skills and professions.

So let us concentrate on article topic that is how this social media’s can help you reach your clients. As per analysis from vincos.it, Facebook with 1,317 billion monthly active users, is the dominant social network in 130 out of 137 countries analyzed. It has 410 million users in Asia (+42 million since last December), 292 million in Europe, 204 million in USA & Canada, 362 million in other countries. Hence having active presence on Facebook may help you reach one who is indeed searching you. Active presence here can be described as a professional presentation and marketing through Facebook. Facebook provides various marketing campaigns like page like, offers, app promotions, event promotions, impressions and many more according to requirement of client’s. This campaigns can be run by any individual and does not require any special force to run them. But, what happens is, many people are not aware of exact expenditure on this campaigns. So this may lead to failure of their campaigns. My suggestion in this case would be hiring a professional digital marketing company that can run this campaign in cost effective manner helping the client get more business in less funds. But also comes the scenario of choosing a suitable digital marketing company to hire for this services. Proper market survey and good profile company can become an option.

Facebook is more concentrated in this article as it has more number of active user’s currently. But this does not prove that other social media’s are less effective. Each one have their own specialty and features that cannot be compared with others. The other social media’s and their campaigns will be discussed in my next article. So currently I am ending up with Facebook concluding that for a better tomorrow start today as we all know the impact of social media’s on today’s world and with these future can be predicted.

2017: Era of Online Marketing

In order to have reach globally it is an essential to mark presence on internet. This presence should also be universally understood and acceptable. Website building can be considered as the base of this presence. There are also many other digital ways that can represent you on internet. The main motive behind this digital existence can be marketing. This source of marketing through digital world is called online Marketing. In short the efforts taken through web to present new or existing products or services is referred to as online marketing. Online or internet marketing may also take many different definition’s according to one’s thinking.
From the past few decades internet has always brought into existence many new things perhaps it has become one of the prime source of income for many giant organizations. These organizations continuously explored new ways on net which reciprocally led to new business for others. According to analysis from entrepreneur.com more than 40 percent of the world’s population is now online. As that number grows exponentially, so do the success metrics for consumer startups. Investor Chris Dixon famously blogged that “10 million is the new one million” when it comes to user numbers. These figure will go on increasing in folds of times as per analysis from last decade.

The number of user’s goes on increasing is directly proportional to number of searches on internet. Hence here comes the concept of search engines. There are many search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AltaVista, MSN search, AOL search etc. These give ranking based on their indexing parameter. Advertising on this search engine may count very useful as most of the time unnecessarily ads many people use these type of services. Google is rated as one of the top most search engine so far. So advertising on google of your business can bring your number of customer’s. But the fact being it promotes only quality ads called through AdWords. Many digital marketing companies are engaged into advertising this but charge bulk amount of money for this.

Another relevant online advertisement platform is social media. According to analysis around 80% of online users are engaged in social media’s like Facebook, Linked.in, G+, Pinterest, Twitter and many more. Therefore running advertisement campaigns on this media’s helps in marketing and branding. Also they are quiet cheap than traditional marketing campaigns if the count of reach is to be considered.

Proper funds management is very important in case of marketing as its returns are to be considered. Hence sometimes online advertisement companies may prove to be beneficial but then risk of spending more funds may arise. In my next article I shall submit more about online marketing, its pros and cons.Till than be smart and spend safe.

Smart Keywords Selection: The first Step towards SEO Success

Search engine optimization is a process for increasing visibility of a website on search engine. SEO can be defined in number of ways but the ultimate motive is same. But the question arises of from where to start, or what are the relevant steps that may lead one to quick results. SEO can be made a result oriented procedure by putting the necessary things in right place.

The Key point or step in search engine optimization is Keyword Selection. Here arises big confusion of what to select that may lead to maximum exposure or clicks and increase visibility. For time being let’s start with local area first. As we know any company grows locally first and then overseas depending on its growth rate. Hence targeting keywords which are on local count and having less competition may be helpful. This can be tracked through Google AdWords where proper category selection may show relevant results. So here we start with selecting keywords on local count, less bid/competition and high searches. The next thing is to target regional keywords after getting done with local keywords.

Regional keywords: Some keywords are more famous in a particular region while other somewhere else. This should count in SEO Success as region wise business implementation leads to higher growth rate like suburban and urban areas have higher growth rates. So targeting keywords for these regions initially may capture different regions as per marketing prospective.

National Keywords: These are somewhat broad keywords as compared to local keywords. Hence they also take more time to appear on search engine as competition is also high on national level. Here a trick can be implemented of choosing a low competition keyword initially and then switching towards higher competition keyword. The fact being, just getting noticed by google and then working off page extensively. The keywords under this section are mainly target search engines according to nationality like “.us, .au, .in” etc. therefore these keywords reflect in their relevant search engine first.

Global Keywords: Now some might think that their business is overseas and expands in different parts of the world. So how can Search engine optimization prove helpful to them? The answer is simple. We get to know globally searched keywords also through AdWords. So finding the right keyword for right place can prove helpful. But the fact is these keywords are densely used and hence highly competitive. So they take more time to appear on search engine. So my suggestion would be, firstly go for local then national and after a good ranking on them go for global keywords. This appears like a hierarchical process and sounds a bit complicated.

All the above can be made simple by just hiring a Digital marketing company which can smoothly blend this processes for your business. But comes with this is their costly package which might sound thinkable for some. The costing varies nation wise but the key factor is results. As we say one pays for quality and not quantity, therefore think of marketing results then for investment. Hence finding relevant online Ad agencies will help saving funds and get quality results. Offline marketing may also prove essential as the product or services vary and according to their nature. But in case of cost comparison also, online marketing has always been superior to offline marketing. The thing is that most of us are not aware of these services and the view towards online is not that much broad. For time being we will concentrate on online marketing as per this article. So be smart and take decisions.

Graphic design’s: An oldest way still new…

From past centuries when the actual give and take started between human being’s, there always was a competition to sell our own product more in order to gain more. People use to acquire different ways to capture the market which is still an ongoing process.

As it is wisely said that “Nothing changes with time, it is just you change the way you see things”. This, if seen from marketing perspective we can conclude that – Marketing has remained same, the only thing is it is becoming digital now. The digital importance of graphics will be elaborated later on.

So as per above in olden days people use to create banners of products and their prizes. Later on it took shape of exciting features and designs according to customer review. This led to new ideas sprout and then came people who tried to customize this designs and make money out of it which we call them as graphics designers in today’s world. Initially people started doing this as their part time job but later on seeing the booming market response they inculcated this as their core service.

As time passed on their become perfectionist and renowned people in this field who were well known for their design’s. They started institutes training people and making them good designers. After the 90’s most of the things started becoming digitized. This was mainly due to the WWW protocol that made life much easy. Hence people started doing their marketing online and gained more business than traditional marketing in less cost. But then there also aroused competition in marketing online. Therefore everyone realized the importance of an attractive graphic design. Here I would recall the phrase written in first para that only time has changed, not marketing. Attractive banners designs became need of time. People started hiring online advertising companies that provided them with quality graphics design. Also along with quality work many they provided exciting offers to run their business. This ultimately resulted in choosing of poor graphics design which led to desirable outcomes. Choosing right designers according to one’s need will prove as a smart decision. A good digital marketing company would rather consultant their client for choosing designs but reciprocally they are into making more business. So the conclusion here is to make a smart choice on behalf of one’s market by self-analysis.

Graphic design’s nowadays are going beyond one’s imagination. It has touched a wide horizon of thinking through the 3D, 4D, 5D and now 6D. Higher resolutions screen and software’s has enabled one to design beyond scope. But this also led to increase in cost. So try and invest on design’s those may help you get your cup of tea. In the next article I will expose more on digital world.

Digital Branding: An Essential need of hour

Branding can be explained as the process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers’ mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers. There always has been a tradeoff in Traditional and Online Branding. Both has their pros and cons. Hence this article mainly focuses on Branding on Online platform as it is an essential need of the hour.

Online Branding can be think of as advertising through various internet mediums like Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, G+, Pinterest and many more which we refer to as social media’s. Though all come under single category, they are much different or rather each has its own way of interaction. Therefore the main point arises here is how to get business through this interactive media’s. The answer is technical word “Calculations”. Though it sounds abstract but yes, doing smart calculations may result in quick advertisement of a Brand through social media.

Let’s start with the world famous social mediator that is Facebook. Now as we all know that the number of Facebook user’s in comparatively more than other social media’s. Hence concentrating on Facebook can help us get more exposure in less resources. Branding on Facebook can be done in 3 types, especially for banner’s excluding offers and apps. Firstly the page boost option or banner boost. By setting reasonable bid one can boost their banners to number of user’s. Facebook provides these boost in three categories, namely Likes, Impressions and Clicks. Likes to page are those crowd who genuinely like your product/service or other things reflected in your banner and likely you’re Brand. But the question arises of what parameters to be considered while setting this bid. Bidding part being more important hence needs to be divided equally in Likes, impressions and clicks. The main advantage of these type of campaigns is the number of Likes gets multiplied as eventually it reaches a considerable amount. Hence the next time you post new banner it reflects the people who have already liked your page and hence those likes are of nil cost. Therefore Facebook can be concluded as a medium of mass reach.

Next comes the second largest Social media that is Twitter. The fact about twitter is that no display ads are run but a sentence of company matters. Hence twitter can be quoted as a worldly branding media which too can prove effective. There are also personalized ads run by twitter but then they are costlier as compared to other social media. For time being we will consider only those ads that are more effective in less cost.

Similar media’s are Instagram, Pinterest and Linked-in where banner ads can be run in optimal investment but then each has its own pros and cons. As detailed earlier the main question arises about where to investment money? How much to invest? What is the estimated reach and most importantly what can be the probability of Branding percentage among masses. The answer can be made simple by just handing over the campaigns to a Digital marketing company or applying your own strategies. So my in my next article I will make sure the stances over outsourcing and personalized marketing for Branding.